Infinite Gemstone Collection

Dress up your eyes and face for any occasion.

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What it is

A multichrome, jewel-inspired kit containing 1 shade of our award-winning Twin Flames multichrome pigment and 2 Infinite Chrome Micropencils. 

  • The water-proof formula of Twin Flames and Infinite Chrome Micropencils provides high-intensity, smudge-proof multichrome color. 
  • The Infinite Chrome Micropencils feature a micro-fine tip that allows you to precisely control the level of color intensity in one swift motion.

What it does

  • The versatility of the kit allows for you to create color rich, ultra chromatic looks with a single swipe of Twin Flames. Using the Infinite Chrome Micropencil, create precise lines for the ultimate graphic liner look.
How to use it
  • Glide on micropencil to create precise lines or define waterline. Swipe on Twin Flames for a hyper metallic, foiled effect, or use a blending brush to create a smoky chromatic look.
  • Pro tip: Layer pencils and Twin Flames together with Colorfix to create unique color combinations.
Dress up your eyes and face for any occasion.

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